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The mediaeval city

Discovering our beautiful mediaeval city of Chartres, so full of history, is bound to leave a lasting impact on visitors...

Just reading the streets' names, which are always more absurd than our imagination warrants, brings the city to life! The wash-houses leaning on the water send the spirit back in time.

Chartres is all this and much more, a living story that our guides always enjoy telling, during a memorable visit for everyone.

Houses of character that served as homes to extraordinary personalities through the ages, small streets and charming bridges full of tales and secrets.

The Tourist Office team

The statues and gardens bear witness of the fact that Chartres has seen many great men and women, who forged the history of France, pass through its streets.

There's a fair bit of climbing up the "tertres" (hill streets) that allow our guide to introduce visitors to the differences between the upper city and the lower city, and the lifestyles and trades of the past.

Witness to countless memories and with a rich heritage, Chartres will fascinate you as your passionate guide recounts its stories.