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Discover the barbed-wire Seminary

A step back into history and a genuinely moving experience

Located 4 km from the cathedral, this site first impresses visitors by its size. It is here that tens of thousands of German prisoners lived after the Second World War.

We begin the visit in one of the buildings, with a complete history of the camp since 1912 (how and why Le Coudray was chosen as a seminary).

We go back into the history of the two great wars, very well explained by our guide, Monsieur Briand, who even manages to add a note of humour to the grim stories from time to time.

The Tourist Office team

In the buildings we can see the living conditions of the prisoners, the dormitories, the weekly food portions displayed, and the chapel in which Franz Stock painted a mural rich in symbols ...

This visit is also an opportunity to discover the life and history of Abbot Stock, a character who gave all his energy to Franco-German reconciliation, sometimes at the risk of his own life.

Nothing about this fascinating tour will leave you indifferent, so well recounted as it is by your passionate and well-informed guide.